AA – Cannot Activate API Key

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Can not activate Azon Authority, the screen shows this Error: “Sorry, the API key was incorrect.”

There are a few things you can check:

1.Please ask your host if they are blocking your site to access external websites and ask your host if they have disabled “fsockopen()” function for security reasons? If so, then ask them to enable this since this is required for activation of our plugin and ask them to whitelist following main IP address for our license checker:

2. When copying/pasting your code and email address make sure you have no trailing spaces before or after when you copy and paste to your wp-admin area. Also, make sure the box below the activation area “I am an inner circle member” is “unchecked” if you have downloaded the plugin from your members area … if you are an Inner Circle Accelerator member and have downloaded your plugin from http://imsuccesscenter.com/inner_circle then the “I am an inner circle member” would need to be checked.

3. If the two steps above doesn’t resolve the activation issue for you the other thing to do would be to deactivate your other plugins, activate your Azon Authority plugin then reactivate your other plugins, you will find detailed instructions for how to do this as shown here.

4. This could also be a bad install so backup your site, deactivate/delete the plugin, download a fresh copy from your members’ area and reinstall while your other plugins are deactivated.

5. This may also be a plugin/theme conflict. You will find detailed instructions as shown on #3 abouve.

6. If after going through “all” of the above steps you still cannot activate your plugin submit a ticket and let us know that you have checked all of the above…

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