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Both of the sites that I have built with Azon Authority have seem to have been broken. I can no longer checkout. They had worked fine in the past and I don’t know what the issue could be. When I click checkout on the navigation menu I get lead to an Amazon page with the following message:

“Add to Shopping Cart Please confirm that you want to add the item(s) listed below to your cart. There are no items to add to your cart.”

If I choose to proceed to checkout button that is in the shopping cart I get a page not found error message.

And, when I click the checkout button I get lead to a page with this message “You must click the button on the next page to proceed. You will now be redirected to Amazon. Click here to redirect now.” but the page doesn’t redirect even when clicking on the link.


Please check your permalinks as here: https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kb/aa-how-to-update-permalinks-for-your-store/

Please also ensure that you have the External Link Fallback option checked, which will add products to the cart as external/affiliate products, as Amazon will not add some products that are set as Simple/Variable

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