AA – FAQ – Where to Find wp-config.php LaunchPad Error

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I am new to website building and have install error in step 1:files & database the error reads server code:200
install error!
a wp-config.php already exists in this location. this error prevents users from accidentally overwriting the wrong directories contents. you have two options :
:empty this directory except for the package and installer and try again. or
: delete just the wp-config.php file and try again. this will over-write all other files in the directory


We do have a series on the site installer that you can find here: https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kbtopic/profitbuilderv1/

Similarly, we generally recommend a semi-manual installation as this by-passes connection issues and is faster. We cover this here: https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kb/pbv1-install-launchpad-manually/

Here’s where you can typically find the wp-config.php file, though some may be different:

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