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I purchased and configured my Azon Authority according to the instruction videos. My config in advanced settings is Redirection -enabled. During product searches, I select the Simple Product option. However Azon still only imports products as External Affiliate type, in this way I can’t use the cart option. I know it is possible to change every single product manually in the product tab, however, that is not convenient and very time-consuming.


If you’re using the Geo-targeting feature, then it is a requirement that products be imported as external/affiliate, and they would also go directly to the Amazon cart.

You can check your settings shown below…

If this is not the case, please follow the troubleshooting steps here: https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kb/before-submitting-a-ticket/

Also, the products are actually imported into WooCommerce, as this is what holds all the data, description and product pictures. Editing the product data and other details is done in WooCommerce, so you may want to suggest to their support that they include an option for bulk editing the product data

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