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I’m now just trying to get a basic eCommerce flow working. Seems ok at this point except for the price…

Also, with the SamCart stuff, I assume what I need to do is copy the PHP code from them (link below) into an LFP PHP module and edit to grab all of the data that is being passed, and then map that into the local database (and/or beyond). Presumably, the PHP module needs to be first. Is this approach correct? Also…how do I know what all of the LOCAL database field names are so I map the external ones to all of the correct local ones?


The $20.00 amount you see in the e-commerce component is the default value. You can change this to any amount you choose just be sure not to include the dollar sign. There’s actually a help section as shown in the screenshot below: If this is the code that SamCart needs to integrate, then yes you would copy it into the PHP module and edit it to suit your needs (or if you’re not knowledgeable on PHP, you could hire someone from Upwork to assist you). It would make sense to have the PHP component first…

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