LFP – Form Catcher Basics

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I’d like LeadsFlowPro to capture data from a form placed on another websites. How to set it up? Exactly how should the settings be? I want to get data from this certain registration page to avoid capturing spam emails from spam comments…


The form catcher script basically works like this:

  1. It attaches itself to any form on the page it has been loaded on.
  2. Whenever that form is submitted it makes an array of all the field names and their value and sends it over to the flow.
  3. The form then continues its usual behavior, the form catcher does not interfere with it.
  4. In the flow start, you should enter the name parameters of all the fields you want to catch, i.e name=”email” in External variables you should have an External variable with the name “email”. Note: the flow catcher uses javascript and if there are any errors in other scripts loaded on the same page it might prevent it from working.

As for question #2 … it doesn’t really matter where the script is loaded (header, footer, inside the page) as long as it’s after jQuery.

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