LFP – Internal Flow -vs- External Flow

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I need some clarification on external vs internal flows and the use of the email component. Basically, when I use an internal flow (with an optin for instance) and email component, it will add me as a subscriber, but email sending will fail. Conversely, if I then create an external flow, with RM and email, or just the email component it will send with no issue. So I’m assuming that the email component will only work with the external flow?


The components work with all flow types. The internal flow however is only to be used by internal LFP actions ( processing data from optins, pushing subscribers though the flow etc.). Internal flows do not accept $_REQUEST parameters like through the url or submitted through a form. So they can be more secure than external flows. In any scenario where you want to send some data directly to the flow you need to use an external flow type.

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