LFP – Rapid Mailer Getting Double Optins

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I’m facing our next phase now with LFP in connection with external flow and Rapid Mailer opt-in on one our pages:

  1. I get a correct lead in Rapid Mailer by using an LFP opt-in code, but….
  2. The lead is shown in RM but is a “double” entry. SAME email address is still in RM…
  3. The desired email list didn’t send out an autoresponder mail??


There is a new version of LeadsFlow Pro that solves this issue. Please use the WordPress update feature to update the plugin, as deleting and reinstalling it will cause you to need to re-create your flows.

Also, there is a new version of Rapid Mailer as well. Please back your site up, delete your version and download a fresh copy from your member area, installing it via the WordPress dashboard (you won’t lose data).

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