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Flow type: Buttons do not work and neither are activated.

In summary, in the menu Leads Flow type Flow buttons do not work and when I click nothing happens, nothing activates or changes to green as in the tutorial.

This occurs in all my pages and tested on two websites that I have and the same is true, I think it’s a mistake in the plugin.

Another question is where the Button for Form catcher? I have only 3 options are: External, Internal, and E-commerce…


The form catcher flow is only available if you have the Elite package. If you do, it is likely that you’ve used the wrong license as there are two: one on the front page of your member area and then the other in Resources > License as shown in the screenshots below…

If this is the case, in WordPress simply go to LeadsFlow Pro > Update license and use the correct information.

If not, you can find out more about it here: http://leadsflowpro.com/go/elite/

Regarding the other issue of buttons not being clickable, please do the troubleshooting steps shown here: https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kb/lfp-troubleshooting/ as it is most likely due to a bad install, plugin/theme conflict, or issues on your host server…

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