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I changed my required custom field from “name” to “first name”. The shortcode did not change or give me an option to delete the “name” and change it to “first name” field. As a result, the “first name” that I changed from “name” text field today is still with shortcode “name” instead of shortcode “first name”. How can I change it to reflect the accurate shortcode which is “first name”. Also, The custom fields that I created today give me option to delete, but the ones that I created months ago and have used did not give me option to delete them. So, how do I correct this problem?


You cannot delete the “name” or “email” custom fields as they come standard with Rapid Mailer. You also cannot rename them.

You would need to create a “first name” custom field as here:https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kb/rm-how-to-create-custom-fields-and-add-to-list/

If you created custom fields then you should have the option to delete them, no matter when they were created:

Note that you need to “mouse over” them to see the edit and delete options.

If you’re not seeing this, please do the following:


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