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  1. Can You please explain the difference in setting “private” lists and “public” lists?

    From my understanding the “private” lists can’t be viewed by users, but why would you want users to see your list anyway?

  2. I need instructions on how to get the fields on my page using the short code after creating the autoresponder, list and the name fields etc..
  3. He doesn’t give instructions on what to do after you set this stuff up?

    (NOTE: I tried to copy the short codes and put it on the page I wanted, and the actual short code kept appearing along with the actual field.)

  4. What is the “validation” in the custom field set up?


  1. The “private” setting is used when you want to create a paid list. Naturally, you would not want just anyone to be able to sign up to your list. You can find out more about this in the instructional PDF included in your member area.
  2. Once you create your fields, you can do one of two things, either take the shortcode and place it on a page, using the WordPress Editor text tab, “or” you can simply take the code from the offsite section, again using the text tab, and this is what I recommend.
  3. Validation refers to rules that you can set up when the field in question is set to “required.” For instance, in the email field, a validation rule may simply be “not empty.”

Here’s a quick video on this:

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