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I am watching: Getting the Most Out of Sellosity – 4 – Creating a Simple Focused-Funnel. So I selected an Upsell Product and as per suggestion trying to make it Hidden as recommended in the video. I found the product and clicked on EDIT. Inside Edit page, under Catalog Visibility, I clicked EDIT again and changed it HIDDEN. Clicked UPDATE. To check if it is working I went back to my store and to my surprise I still can see the product. I opened another browser in Private Window, resul6t is teh same: product still there. What is wrong? Why Hiding option not working for me?


You’ll need to click “Create Draft” and then let it update, or you could click on the Status section, set it to Draft and then click, OK, and then update the post.

If you view the link in an incognito window you’ll see that it will say “not found.”

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