SEL – Disable Express Checkout and Redirect to Cart

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How can I turn off the “Express Checkout” button on the product detail page? Where is this link for this button set? I noticed in the edit product section there is a sidebar section called “one-click order” with the option to enable this button which I have checked off but continues to appear on the page.

Also is there a place where when someone adds to cart they can go to the checkout page instead rather than staying on the same page?


Please watch this video:

Note that WooCommerce doesn’t seem to have an easy way to redirect to the checkout page after adding a product to the cart (though you can set it to redirect to the Cart page), this was likely done so that consumers could keep shopping.

I have seen ways to do so but they all require editing PHP code, unfortunately.

Please be sure to clear your browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 and if you’re using a cache plugin, clear that as well.

You might also find it helpful to have WooCommerce’s own documentation as well:

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