FAQ – Why Aren’t My Tickets Being Answered

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My tickets aren’t being answered.
We answer tickets in the order they are received, answering oldest tickets first. Additionally, during a typical workday for us your ticket will generally be answered that day as quickly as possible and depends how many tickets are ahead of yours, during product launches please allow 12 – 72 hours.

Sometimes certain email providers block emails, which we do not have control over, so it’s always best to track, submit, and reply to all your tickets from our main support room or whitelist our domain in your email settings.

If you have already submitted a ticket there login information was sent to you, you will see a link “My Tickets” remember to always choose the correct department from the list menu before submitting your tickets.

If you are using “email protection” systems turn them off, they often do not work from our system. It’s best to always check your existing tickets in our support center.

We personally, guarantee you that when the support center is open, and we are on shift, every ticket submitted to us through our support center ticket system is being received, being seen, and being answered as quickly as possible…

We always answer the oldest tickets first and all tickets are assigned to specific agents by Support Room Management. We do not allow our agents to choose their own tickets, nor do we allow agents to answer one another’s assigned tickets unless management determines to do so.

If you send a ticket then come back and add to it an hour or two later it will move your original ticket to “as new” in the queue all over again. So if you make sure you have everything in your ticket you need help with before you click the submit button and do not add to it later you will not loose your place in our ticket queue…

If you are experiencing delays or inadequate assistance in getting your issue resolved please do not yell at or demean the agent helping you, simply submit a new ticket subject ATTN: Linda Lou, with your other ticket ID# and name of the agent in the ticket and kindly explain the situation. As the Support Room Manager I will gladly check into the situation for you and do what is necessary to get it resolved, it is our intent to create positive conversation as well as a lasting relationship with you, and, we will do everything within our power to achieve this goal…

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who yells at us (typing in all caps), swears at us, or demeans us in any way and should you do so you may lose access to your plugin members area without notice, be banned from purchasing other products or services from us, have your email and IP addresses banned from our entire system, and have your email addresses marked as spam in our support center.

If you believe you should have received an answer to your issue or question sooner than you have please refer to the bottom of each reply you receive, you will see the agents name as well as the days and hours they work, it could simply be that they are currently off shift, or away for other reasons, if so they will answer you when they return…

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