PBV1 – Change Optin Form Name Fields

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I have used 2 fields with form: email and name though i need to rename the values in name from name=”email” to name=”ma_email” and same for name input also to name=”ma_fullname”

I could see a drop-down for “Form input for email… Usually ’email” can u please guide how can I rename these? as my form is being submitted to a third party and they need those names to receive data


What you see in the form here, are the default value, not the name of the field itself.

So, for instance, you can simply change the “Email” value to “Enter Your Email” see screenshot attached.

Now, to change the actual field name, you would need to change it within the opt-in code itself, and you’ll want to speak with your autoresponder service to see how to do this.

This depends on what autoresponder you are using as each service has different ways that they do their code (for instance, the code generated by Rapid Mailer is different from the code generated by AWeber). My suggestion would be to ask their support.

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