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I purchased a plugin called Woo Tabs Pro to add custom tabs for each product but the tabs do not appear. They appear as text only.

I changed the theme to the default (twenty fifteen) and they appear fine, It appears the pbtheme is overriding the tab folder in woo commerce, do you have any suggestions or workarounds for this?


If the plugin uses shortcodes, please try it this way, using the text/HTML element as here:

Also, do not forget that Profit Builder has tabs functionality as well as seen in the screenshot below…

The other thing you can do is install Profit Builder, Profit Builder Theme and Visual Icon Fonts into their own subdirectory with their own WordPress and database installation (and nothing else), and link to your site that way.

Here’s a video on how to do this, it references Rapid Mailer but the process is the same:

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