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I just created a page that uses the “Recent Post” widget. Here are some problems I am encountering with it and could really use your help to address them. 1) The “Read More” button is severely cropped.
2) The “Read More” button is not aligned with the text above it.
3) The “Read More” button does not do anything (expect it to go to the blog post).
4) General question: What is that “+” sign used for? I do not understand its purpose.


1. This is by design, though you could ask that the ability to adjust the padding in the recent post element be added as a feature.
If you would like to request this as a possible feature, please open a ticket with Feature Request and Attn: Linda Lou in the subject. If we receive 10 such requests from different customers we can take it to our developers for consideration in an upcoming version.
2. It appears that the plus sign is what is causing the text to be misaligned with the button.
3. This was tested this on a page created in one of our sites and it went to the relevant post. One thing you can do is check your permalinks and ensure that they are set to post name:

4. We’re not seeing the plus sign on the pages we created as shown in the screenshot below : So perhaps you’re using either an older version of Profit Builder or Profit Builder Theme. It’s possible there is a plugin causing an issue as well.

In that case, please do the following troubleshooting steps:

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