PBV1 – Jvzoo Account Flow Error

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I created my app at JVZoo and fully followed Sean’s tutorial for setting up JVZoo integration but this does not appear to work

This is the error showing in debug

Started on e-commerce flow #312 @ July 19, 2016 9:26 pm UUID cookie lookup failed. Trying email. Invalid primary email value – “”. Aborting.

Invalid primary email field.

End flow run. Total run time: 0.02 sec.

I’ve tried setting the primary email field to %%email%% as shown in the first part of the email and then to %�mail%% as shown in the 2nd part about setting up a product in JVZoo to see if that would work. Whichever option I choose the error is still the same


You have the UUID tracking cookie disabled, so that is why it is failing.

So if you enable it and update the flow, things should be fine.

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