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What can I do to speed up my site?

My page load time is like 12 sec and the total page size is only 1.10 MB. What can I do to speed up my site? I already installed plugins like W3 Total cache and all the plugins that Sean suggested in the demo video.


Site speed is dependent on the number of plugins and themes you have installed, even if they are inactive. It is also dependent on whether or not you’ve optimized your images. For that, you can use something like Kraken (http://kraken.io). A caching and security service like Cloudflare (http://cloudflare.com, free) is also good for this.

Your host’s memory limits will also play a role, which is why we recommend the following:

#Change upload limits
file_uploads = On
post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 64M
memory_limit = 256M
max_execution_time 0
#Change upload limits end

Most important part is memory_limit = 256M, they can set it to higher to resolve your issue.

In the case of the upload max file size, this ensures that we can upload things like the Profit Builder Theme with no issue. The max execution time simply means that any operations that a plugin or theme is doing will not time out.

Memory simply refers to the amount of data that can be processed. Your host can make these changes, typically through cPanel, using a file called php.ini.

Finally, site speed depends on how fast a connection your individual visitors have. Someone on DSL, for example, will have an overall slower experience than someone on cable internet.

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