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We do our level best to offer as much trouble shooting and instructional information as possible to assist our customers in doing as much as they can on their own without our assistance in order to help them avoid potential support delays; delays during our off times as well as delays that can occur during heavy ticket load times such as during new product launches. During product launches please allow up to 12-72 hours for replies to your tickets.

If you will take your time to look at and through your product member area tutorials, as well as the Knowledge Base links in the sidebar to the left, or use the search box above, the odds are extremely high that you will find 99.9% of the answers to your issues and/or questions much quicker than waiting for a ticket to be answered.

When you can’t find your answer through our knowledge base and find that you need to submit a ticket be sure to put your product name in the subject line as it helps speed up our support process.

If you will take the time to go through the troubleshooting steps here and go through the knowledge base, and sincerely do not find the answer, let us know and provide us with the following login information, along with screenshots and/or a video of your issue (you can use https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html it’s free), so if needed we can resolve your issue quicker for you. If you don’t send it and it is needed it will only delay your support process:

Please send us “all” of the following so we can take a look behind the scenes to see where your issue may be coming from…

1. Your site wp-admin url:
Your wp-admin username:
Your wp-admin password:

Your cPanel login url:
Your cPanel username:
Your cPanel password:

Your IMSC plugin member area username:
Your IMSC plugin member area password:

ALL of this information is necessary for us to have at hand to be able to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Please double check that we have everything we have asked for and that each is correct…

2. We also ask that you have checked all your plugins/themes for conflicts (as listed on the support center home page “common troubleshooting steps” or this link https://kb.imsuccesscenter.com/kb/before-submitting-a-ticket  ), that the problem still exists after checking, and that you have backed up your site. If you find a conflict with one of your other plugins or theme let us know what they are. Although we cannot guarantee that we can resolve the compatibility issue we will look into “the most popular plugins and themes” to see if there is something we might be able to do to assist you…

3. ***IMPORTANT***
You MUST also type “I Accept Your Terms” to the disclaimer below in your reply back to us in this support ticket If you have taken the steps above accepting our terms should not be an issue for you. We require this disclaimer due to customers who claim to have completed the above steps but actually have not and is meant to protect us in that event.

Disclaimer: In providing us with direct access to your account you automatically hold ADD Marketing Group free and harmless from any liability for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from our accessing your account.

NOTE FROM LINDA LOU/SUPPORT ROOM MANAGER: We ask for the above disclaimer agreement to protect us after we have left your site in the event another developer or our customers create an issue where we are not to blame. If you back up your site before we enter your admin areas, and something does occur your site can “always be restored”…

As the support room manager (with 20 years of web development, WordPress, and cPanel experience, and who has personally trained our technicians), I can assure you we know what we’re doing, we will not proceed to make any changes to your site without consulting with you after we determine what and/or where the issue you’re having lies…

PLEASE SUBMIT, TRACK, AND REPLY TO YOUR TICKETS THROUGH THE SUPPORT CENTER LOGIN if you haven’t registered for an account you can do so here. After submitting your first ticket a password will be sent to you, before submitting your first ticket whitelist the domains imsuccesscenter.com and unhustled.com if you are a member there.

If you believe your tickets aren’t being answered please refer to this link

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